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Authoring Alabama

Video of an Interview: Why Heather loves to write about nature in Alabama.

Author Profile

California Kids featured Heather in their January 2014 issue. Click here to read the interview by Patricia Newman.


Interview by author Claire Datnow about Heather's presentation at the Writing and Illustrating for Kids SCBWI conference.


What to learn about Heather's presentations, watch this video

Book Reviews

How Rude!

By award-winning author Laura Purdie Salas

By family-focused InfoDad 

TV Spot

Video of Heather talking about Wild Discoveries on Channel 11's Cooper and Company with Gloria Cooper.

Get a glimpse into one of Heather's school visits by reading this article and this article written in the Shelby County Reporter.

"A Talk on the Wild Side" a play-by-play article about one of Heather's school visits. By The Daily Times.


"When are you going to write a REAL book?" My response on Elizabeth Dulemba's Blog.

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A "science book for scamps" check out writer Virginia Butler's description of How Rude!

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            I'm fascinated by bugs and rocks and things that seem gross, but I wasn't always...

          As a child, I climbed trees, caught crabs and played sports, but was petrified of spiders and

did not like getting dirty.  Now I let spiders crawl up my arm, paint my face with dirt and dig through scat (you can learn lots from animal poop). Why am I now fascinated instead of freaked out? Knowledge. The more you learn, the less you fear.  

          My interest in nature led to a B.S. in Biology and a M.S. in Environmental Education. After

college, I developed and directed the McDowell Environmental Center. One of my favorite

things is to stand  knee-deep in a stream and catch bugs with kids. I still do that, when  I'm not writing,  speaking to students or leading teacher workshops.

        Now, I live in beautiful Alabama with my husband, a cat (shy Annie) and a dog (hyper Piper). During my free time, I climb trees, collect fossils, stand under waterfalls, nature journal,

explore the Sipsey Wilderness or lay in a hammock and read a good book!
         I owe much of my knowledge about publishing to the Society of Children's Book
Writers and Illustrators, particularly the Southern Breeze Region. 

​​Heather L. Montgomery                                                                                

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Heather L. Montgomery                                                                                

​​Heather L. Montgomery