Bugs Don't Hug:

Six-Legged Parents & Their Kids

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Bugs don't hug - or do they?

Some insects care for their kids in interesting ways. Daddies who do diaper duty? Mommies who cuddle? Maybe bugs are like us!

Playful contrasts between human and insect behavior will captivate young readers as they listen to the read-aloud-friendly text and view the alternating cartoonlike spoofs on human living and detailed bug environments.

-Kirkus Review

For example, mama bugs may not play peek-a-boo. But, on the next page, a tortoise beetle mother tucks her young under her shell to hide them from predators. ... promoting shared wonder and respect for all creatures.

-Booklist Review

2020 RedBud Read-Aloud Masterlist

Author: Heather L. Montgomery

Illustrator: Stephen Stone

Charlesbridge, 2018
ISBN: 978-1580898164

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Heather L. Montgomery                                                                                

Is it a Pill Bug?

The animals on the book's cover look like a pill bugs (also called roly polies or sow bugs), but look again. Count the legs. Think again.

Pill bugs have 7 pairs of legs. Insects have 3. Interestingly, pill bugs and pill roaches share similar adaptations,. They both roll up, carry their young, and curl to protect their young. To learn more about pill bugs watch this PBS video

​​Heather L. Montgomery                                                                                


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​​Heather L. Montgomery                                                                                

Metaphor Exercise

What's your opinion?

From Heather's Research Files

Shield bug - photos from the scientist

Burying beetles - a Nat Geo video

Dung beetles - San Diego Zoo Kids page

Pill Roaches - a blog written for adults

Bess Beetles - scroll down for an audio file of the beetles communicating

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