More About the Bad Boys

Poop-shooting caterpillar video: ​


Decapitating fly video: 

Other bad boys not in the who didn't make it into the book:

I'm a Creepy Crawly cartoon video:

Icky Insects song for kids: 

Heather's Best Buggy Tips

To find your own "bad boys": 

  • Get down and dirty:  I lay down on the ground close to bugs.
  • Gently turn over logs or rocks:  I put them back when I'm done.
  • Leave on a night light: Later, I check to see who has visited. 

If you are really good:

  • Don't catch them: I spy on them instead.
  • Catch them in the act: I sketch or write about them in my journal.
  • Visit the same spot over and over: I discover who lives in the neighborhood, sneak down their trails after them, peak in on them eating dinner. 


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...a hilarious and enGROSSing look ...

     -Lisa Tyre, author of Last in a Long Line of Rebels

Every spread begins with a disgusting tidbit...

     -Virginia Butler

...plenty of scientific information here...

  -Laura Purdie Salas, author of 125 books for children 

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Have Questions about Bugs? 


Bug Identification:

Ask An Entomologist:

​ Bugs In the House:

​​​​​Bugs who burp. 

Bugs who slurp.

Bugs who eat their siblings!

Read this book to discover ten of the rudest, crudest bugs around!​​

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​​Heather L. Montgomery                                                                                

​​Heather L. Montgomery