April 18, Earthday, Little River Canyon Field School

April 28, Greystone Elementary, Hoover, AL

​April 29, Shades Mtn. Elementary, Hoover, AL

May 3, Huntsville Literary Association Young Writers Awards Ceremony, Huntsville, AL

May 6-7, The John Cooper School, Woodlands, TX

August 5-9, Science and Nature Writing Workshop, Highlights Foundation, PA

August 13, Lunch & Learn Public Event, Cook Museum, Decatur, AL

August 26, Mill Creek Elementary, Madison , AL

Oct. 9-11 Southern Festival of Books, Nashville

Oct. 15-18, Int. Lit. Assoc. Conf., Columbus, OH


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​​Heather L. Montgomery                                                                                

​​Heather L. Montgomery                                                                                

Heather L. Montgomery